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Kids clean up their toys for fun

3 Ways to Get Your Kids to Clean Up Their Toys!

Hi parents!  We know that picking up behind your little ones can become quite the challenge.  The truth is, getting your kids to clean up after themselves is an art.  So, here are some great tips to get them excited about clean-up time.

1.A place for everything and everything in it’s place

Make sure you have containers or designated areas where your kids can keep their toys.  You can buy these at places like Wal-Mart and Target, or you can get creative and come up with your own version of a toy container.  Make sure your little ones know where each toy belongs.  Whenever a toy is misplaced for a long period of time, confiscate it.  Your kids can then “buy it back” from you by completing one of their chores or cleaning up their remaining toys.

2.Make it fun!

Another cool way to get your kids in clean-up mode is to make up a toy cleaning game.  If you have more than one child, have them compete against each other.  Bring out a timer (you can use your oven timer) and set it to a specific time.  Have your kids participate in a “clean up race”.  Whoever finishes first, gets a reward.  That way they are part of a fun cleaning process.  Make sure you reward them with special treats like fruit popsicle sticks or a healthy snack at the end of their “clean up race”.  Your kids will be picking up their toys in no time.

3.Reward Them

  Set up a weekly reward system.  Place a “clean-up calendar” (any calendar will do) where they can see it every day.  At the end of each day award them stickers for cleaning up their toys or doing other chores voluntarily.  Place the stickers on the corresponding day.  At the end of the week go over the amount of stickers they have earned and reward them for their performance.  You can do this by taking them to a cool place they enjoy like a park, an arcade or the movies.  Make sure you set up rewards that entice and excite your kids! Experiment with these strategies and make sure you tailor them to your kids’ specific needs and personalities.  We hope you found these tips helpful; let the cleaning begin!