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Cleaning For A Reason

Hello, I'm Kimberly Jimenez for Independence Cleaning Services. I'd like to take just a minute of your time and talk to you about our affiliation with an incredible non-profit organization called “Cleaning for a Reason”. Through this partnership, Independence Cleaning Services provides FREE house cleaning to women living with cancer. Now, we can all understand how living in a clean and organized environment allows us to be more relaxed, at peace and less stressed, right? And most of us who are totally healthy can barely find the time OR energy to clean our homes. Now, just imagine how difficult it is for a woman fighting cancer to find the time or energy, and how important living in a clean, stress free environment is for their health and recovery. Well, that's why we are so honored and humbled to be involved with this incredible organization. So, if you or someone you know living with cancer in the Athens area deserves a professional house cleaning from a competent, reliable, and flexible staff, apply at and request “Independence Cleaning Services”. Until there’s a cure, Independence Cleaning Services will be “Cleaning for a Reason.”