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Quality Control


Every single day, our management staff devotes a significant number of hours to Quality Control Assurance. The only way we measure our success is by meeting or exceeding your expectations. Our Quality Assurance Manager performs quality control checks for all of our clients to ensure consistent, quality cleanings.

A supervisor, who will perform an on-site quality inspection of all work done before the team ever leaves your home or office, leads each cleaning. This helps ensure our high standards are met each and every time.

Besides the quality control evaluations that our supervisors perform, there are many other ways we ensure quality proactively. The Quality Assurance Manager may make unannounced visits to your home or office to perform a site-specific evaluation during regular cleaning appointments. We also have an ongoing quality control conversation with all of our staff. Client feedback is encouraged and sometimes solicited through phone calls or emails. This enables us to meet every client’s expectations and further promote long-lasting relationships.