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Residential Cleaning Service

No residence or mess is too big or too small for the Independence Cleaning Services teams. We offer numerous home services such as interior appliance cleanings, window cleanings, wall and ceiling washings and so much more. We will clean every room in your residence - bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and in-home offices. Each of our residential cleanings is tailored specifically to the client so no project or request is too big or too small. We also offer flexible scheduling options, so you can have our team out to your residence as often as you would like. You can’t go wrong with choosing Independence Cleaning Services to clean your home. We have a professionally trained staff that is able and willing to tackle any mess or project.

Residential services

Tired of those smudgy, grimy and foggy looking windows in your home or office? Windows can be tricky to clean and it is also a time-consuming task. Our Independence Cleaning Services teams are professionally trained to tackle any and all interior windows in your home or office.

From seasonal needs to special projects, Independence Cleaning Services teams are able to handle any project cleaning. Cleaning interior windows, deep cleaning refrigerators, carpets, decks and more, our teams are ready to make your life easier.

Homes used to be deep cleaned once or twice a year. Walls and baseboards washed, rugs and carpets cleaned, windows opened and cleaned. Today, time is a precious commodity. We can deep clean your home for you and provide a sparkling, serene respite from every day pressures.

No space is too big or too small for Independence Cleaning Services. Being a student or a hard-working professional can be stressful and time-consuming. Let Independence take the stress of cleaning your apartment off your plate.

Are you throwing a big party and have too much to do? We can help. Let us handle your pre-party cleaning so you can enjoy getting ready and then enjoying your event.

From windows and walls, to bathrooms and appliances, our teams can do it all. Our home cleaning services can clean every room in your home to sparkling perfection. Our services can be tailored to your needs and our flexible scheduling options can work with even the most challenging schedule.

Pressure Washing Your Home or Business Will Add Curb Appeal! Independence Cleaning Services has the experience and tools to pressure wash residential and commercial properties in and around the Athens, Georgia area. Cleaning the exterior of your residential or commercial building at least once a y
Moving is always a stressful time. There is packing, loading, driving and cleaning involved, and it can sometimes become overwhelming. Let us take away at least one of the pains of moving for you.

Independence Cleaning is a locally owned professional green cleaning service, Athens, GA that utilizes Green Seal Certified products. Our strategy maximizes efficiency by pairing consistent cleaning attendants with your property and providing strict oversight and accountability of our staff.

Have some clutter you need removed from your home or business? Whether you are preparing for a move, decluttering your home, or cleaning out your office, we will haul away one single heavy item or remove that mountain of junk you are tired of climbing.
Construction can be a hassle. Cleaning up after the construction crew can be even worse. The Independence Cleaning Services team is professionally trained to come in post construction and clean up the mess.